The DOG's Point of View Adopters Coaching Group

Helping Adopters of Romanian & Overseas Rescue Dogs Live Their Best Life Together.

About The Coaching Group

The DOG's Point of View Adopters Coaching Group, founded and run by Meesh Masters is the #1 online resource for adopters of Romanian & overseas rescue dogs.  

The group provides access to 100s of teaching, training & informational resources, step by step guides & training plans, online courses, workshops, webinars and a whole community of supportive, non-judgemental adopters.

You can ask questions in the group 24/7 to get help, guidance & support from qualified professionals as well as having the option to join regular zoom calls & Q&A Sessions if you want to (but you don't have to.)

The Adopters Coaching Group is not your run of the mill 'Dog Training' portal however, it is also a Holistic Human-Canine Coaching Centre specialising in understanding your Romanian & overseas Rescue dogs at a deeper level as well as developing the strongest relationship.
It is about human coaching as much as canine coaching, because we are half the equation!

The Most Common Phrase I hear is when new members join is...
'We Wish We Had Found You & This Group Sooner' ❤️

The Adopters Coaching Group is a paid membership group with a variety of subscription plans to suit every budget.

All the content & resources inside have been written & created specifically with Romanian & overseas rescue dogs in mind, with their often complex & sensitive natures and the challenges that can create. 

Everybody in this group knows how overwhelming it can feel with these dogs sometimes.
Know that you are doing great! 
You are here, you have reached out and we will give you the support that you need.

Through my work with Romanian dogs and learning how they are different to our British dogs, my journey as a dog 'trainer' has evolved into so much more.  

The Romanian dogs and their unique characters have taught me to watch more closely, look more deeply and listen more carefully, because the way they see & respond to the world is very instinctive and deeply rooted in, what I believe, something that is closer to the
true nature of a dog. 

 As member of the coaching group you can expect such things as:

  • A deeper level of understanding 'who' your dog is & why you may be experiencing the problems you are. 
  • Living with, working with & seeing progress with your reactive dogs, whether they are reactive on walks, to people, to other dogs, to joggers, cyclists, visitors etc etc
  • Why is your Romanian dog so fearful & how you can support them
  • Why is your dog doing the 'Rommie Plant' every time you try to take them for a walk & how you can work with their needs to help them 
  • Why so many of these dogs seem to have an intrinsic fear of men and how you can help them (along with many other Rommie specific challenges.) 
  • Have access to problem specific online courses including Reactivity on walks, the New Adopters Home Transition Program, the Fearful dog resource area, TTouch, ACE Free work, Recall training, Trick Training, Separation Anxiety to name a few

Here are just some of our gorgeous members, past & present.

And here is what some of our members have to say about the group.

Here at The Dog's Point of View we believe that as much as we 'teach' our dogs how to fit into our human world, there is a LOT we can learn from them in return.  After all, they already know how to train us expertly!

All The Dog's Point of View teaching guides, information and recommendations follow the latest scientifically proven fear free methods. I and any members of my team are committed to further study and continued professional development.